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Understand the use of the Adjective as an Epithet or an Attribute
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The correct use of adjectives in French is essential for precise and nuanced expression. In this article, we will explore in detail the distinction between an “adjectives épithète” and an “adjectives attribute,” two major functions of the adjective in the French language. This understanding is crucial not only for learners of French but also for anyone who wishes to refine their writing style in this rich and complex language.

Understanding the Use of Adjectives in French
Type of Adjective Definition Examples
Adjective Epithet An Adjective Epithet is directly linked to the noun it qualifies and is generally found next to this noun. An old house, a happy cat.
Adjective Attribute An adjective attribute is linked to the noun by a verb (often a state verb such as to be, to become, to appear, etc.) and gives a characteristic to the subject. The house is old, the cat seems happy.
  1. Le chat dort sur le canapé est très mignon. (épithète)

  2. Ce tableau, qui semble , a été peint par un artiste célèbre. (attribut)

  3. La maison appartient à ma grand-mère. (épithète)

  4. Le ciel est devenu en fin de journée. (attribut)

  5. Le livre sur la table est à moi. (épithète)

  6. L'homme semble après la nouvelle. (attribut)

  7. La voiture roule très vite. (épithète)

  8. Sa voix est lorsqu'elle chante. (attribut)

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