> Article > Fill In The Blank With The Correct Article Le La Les Un Une Or De Tip The Agreement Of Adjectives In The Sentences Can Help You To Discover The Gender Of Each Noun

Fill in the blank with the correct article: le, la, les, un, une, or de. TIP: the agreement of adjectives in the sentences can help you to discover the gender of each noun.
Difficulty Level 1

  1. Corey a yeux bleus. [blue eyes]

  2. Tex a poil gris. [grey coat]

  3. Tammy a jolie bouche. [pretty mouth]

  4. Tex a jolies jambes. [pretty legs]

  5. Bette a visage noir. [black face]

  6. Tammy a cheveux bouclés. [curly hair]

  7. Tex a toujours corps luisant. [glistening body]

  8. Joe-Bob a joues joufflues. [plump cheeks]

  9. Fiona a taille fine. [thin waist]

  10. Tammy a teint rose. [rosy complexion]

  11. Bette a peau douce. [soft skin]

  12. Tex a beau nez texan. [beautiful Texan nose]

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