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Expression of Cause
Difficulty Level 1

The expression of cause is a crucial element in mastering the French language. It helps clarify the reasons or motivations behind actions and events. In this exercise, we will explore various ways to express cause in French, essential for clear and precise communication. Whether in an academic, professional, or everyday context, the ability to articulate the cause significantly enriches the quality of expression.

  1. Elle a pris un parapluie car il .

  2. Je suis fatigué puisque j'ai toute la nuit.

  3. Complétez la phrase : "Il porte un manteau parce qu'il ."

  4. Trouvez la cause : "Elle a pris un parapluie. ."

  5. Complétez : "Vu , il est normal qu'il gagne la compétition."

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