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Agreement of Qualitative Adjectives
Difficulty Level 1

The agreement of qualitative adjectives in French is a cornerstone of French grammar, essential for mastering effective writing and communication. This aspect of the French language involves matching adjectives in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) with the nouns they describe. Through this exercise, we will explore the richness and subtlety of the agreement of qualitative adjectives.

  1. La maison est très ancienne.

  2. Les chats dorment sur le canapé.

  3. Elle porte une robe .

  4. Ces idées sont et innovantes.

  5. Le livre est sur la table.

  6. Les oiseaux chantent dans le jardin.

  7. Mon oncle est un homme .

  8. Les fleurs embellissent le balcon.

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