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Plural Agreement of Qualitative Adjectives
Difficulty Level 1

The plural agreement of qualitative adjectives is a fundamental skill in French, essential for those who wish to master this beautiful language. This exercise is designed to help learners at the A1 level understand and correctly apply the rules of agreement in gender and number of qualitative adjectives. Let’s explore together this essential facet of French grammar.

Rule Description Example
Regular Adjectives For most adjectives, add a -s to the singular form to make it plural. Singular: un chat heureux (a happy cat)
Plural: des chats heureux (happy cats)
Adjectives ending in -eau or -eu Add a -x instead of -s to form the plural. Singular: un beau jardin (a beautiful garden)
Plural: de beaux jardins (beautiful gardens)
Adjectives ending in -al Most adjectives ending in -al form their plural as -aux. Singular: un animal national (a national animal)
Plural: des animaux nationaux (national animals)
Irregular Adjectives Some adjectives have an irregular plural form. Singular: un vieil homme (an old man)
Plural: de vieux hommes (old men)
  1. Le chat se repose au soleil. (noirs)

  2. Les fleurs sont magnifiques dans le jardin. (rouges)

  3. Elle porte des robes . (élégantes)

  4. Les enfants sont très . (heureux)

  5. Les voitures ont un charme unique. (anciennes)

  6. Ces maisons sont vraiment . (grandes)

  7. Mes amis sont . (intelligents)

  8. Les histoires captivent toujours l'audience. (intéressantes)

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