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Introduction to the Agreement of Color Adjectives
Difficulty Level 2

The agreement of color adjectives in French is a crucial concept to master for perfecting one’s grammar and writing style. This linguistic skill allows not only for the precise expression of descriptions, but also for respecting the syntactic rules of French. In this module, we will explore the subtleties and rules of the agreement of color adjectives, a fundamental element for anyone learning the French language.

Rule Description Example
Invariable color adjectives Certain color adjectives remain unchanged in gender and number, regardless of the nouns they refer to. – A rouge dress (feminine singular)
– A bleu flag (masculine singular)
Jaunes flowers (feminine plural)
Verts pencils (masculine plural)
Variable color adjectives Most color adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they refer to. – A blanc hat (masculine singular)
– A blanche shirt (feminine singular)
Rouges cars (feminine plural)
Bleus pens (masculine plural)
  1. La robe de Marie est . (bleu)

  2. Ils ont acheté des voitures . (italien)

  3. Les fleurs sont magnifiques. (rouge)

  4. J'ai perdu mes chaussures . (noir)

  5. Elle porte des gants aujourd'hui. (vert)

  6. Les oiseaux volent dans le ciel. (multicolore)

  7. Ils préfèrent les bonbons . (violet)

  8. Ses yeux sont d'un bleu . (profond)

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