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Adverbs Ending in -MENT
Difficulty Level 1

Adverbs ending in -MENT are an essential element of the French language, offering richness and precision in expression. They allow for the modification of verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, adding an extra descriptive touch to our sentences. In this exercise, we will explore how these adverbs are formed and used, focusing on the different ways to effectively integrate them into our daily communication.

  1. Transformez l'adjectif "rapide" en un adverbe : .

  2. Complétez : Elle parle toujours si .

  3. Formez un adverbe à partir de "heureux" : .

  4. Complétez : Ils ont regardé le coucher de soleil .

  5. Transformez "facile" en adverbe : .

  6. Complétez : Il travaille pour terminer à temps.

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