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Intensity and Manner Adverbs
Difficulty Level 1

The exercise we have completed aims to familiarize you with the use of adverbs, particularly manner and intensity adverbs. By filling in the blanks, you will learn to recognize where and how to use an adverb in a sentence.

For example, in the sentence “Elle chante _____ bien”, the word “bien” is already an adverb indicating the manner in which she sings. The missing word “très” is an intensity adverb that reinforces the adverb “bien.

By practicing regularly, you will become more and more comfortable with adverbs and their placement in the sentence.

  1. Elle chante bien.

  2. Il parle fort.

  3. Nous travaillons souvent ensemble.

  4. Tu étudies régulièrement.

  5. Ils vivent ici.

  6. Elle est arrivée tard.

  7. Vous mangez lentement.

  8. L'enfant dort profondément.

  9. Je suis toujours à l'heure.

  10. Ils lisent rapidement.

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