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Autant / Aussi ?
Difficulty Level 2

The correct use of the words “autant” and “aussi” in French can often lead to confusion. These two adverbs, although seemingly similar, have distinct uses and meanings that can significantly change the meaning of a sentence. In this exercise, we will explore the subtle differences between “autant” and “aussi”, helping you to master their correct use in various contexts.

Word Meaning Usage
Autant Means “as much/many” in English. Used to indicate an equivalent amount or degree. – I have autant (as many) friends as you.
– He works autant (as much) as his sister.
Aussi Means “also” or “as” in English. Used to indicate a similarity or comparison between two things. – She is aussi (as) intelligent as him.
– I like apples, and aussi (also) pears.
  1. Il travaille sérieusement que son frère.

  2. Elle a de livres que sa cousine.

  3. Il mange rapidement que possible.

  4. Nous avons vu de films qu'eux ce mois-ci.

  5. Elle chante bien que sa sœur.

  6. J'ai d'amis à Paris qu'à Lyon.

  7. Ils sont intéressés par l'art que par la musique.

  8. Vous avez commandé de pizzas que nécessaire ?

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